Location: 468 N Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA-90210

Phone Number: 424-331-5353

Supplying your household, corporate, and personal needs

Founded in 2007, we are an internationally and domestically a California-based corporation specializing in food, Medical equipment, furniture, office supplies, personal care, household and commercial furniture, hospital supplies, and education services industry.

We cover all areas domestically and internationally. We have a list of qualified staff that is ready and able to follow up with all orders and customer service needs. We are also an effective and happy group that believes in kosher foods and quality products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

  • Small beautiful, no long wait, our protocol is very simple.
  • Competent and Reliable – We get it done.
  • Consumer needs are our top priority.

Geographical Coverage: All USA regions including embassies and government military bases.

Our Mission

We are committed to presenting honesty and quality in our products and services for us to supply the daily needs of our customers.

Our Vision

We hope to become a trusted store nationally and internationally wherein customers can easily access and avail of our quality products and services.

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